Tuesday, May 24, 2011

week 7

Good news!! We have an extremely busy week (like usual). We have 2 baptisms this week. Brother Anderson received his letter of approval from the prophet last week and is getting baptized on Friday! Katie is incredible. she is getting baptized on Saturday. She's 23, has 2 kids and her husband is not interested. She has been smoke free for 11 days now and has spent a lot of time going to the lds bookstore and purchasing pictures and books to help her become a better "mormon mom". She has been reading LDS women and has been trying to improve. She really is incredible and has such an amazing understanding of the gospel. She's so excited. She told us Saturday night that she spent 3 hours reading the scriptures! She hadn't even meant to!
Moses is still awesome. He has had lots of people ask him questions about the church and he tells them that they can meet with the Sisters and ask them. Or "Come to church and learn the truth." Or "you can have my Book of Mormon, I'm sure the Sisters will give me another one." Haha, he asked us, "Is there anyway your church can tell the other churches the truth too!?" We gave him some pass along cards with our number so he can give them to his friends. He is having such a rough time. He has to come up with $1500 to help his cousin with his uncle's funeral. His cousin has to fly back to Liberia. Poor Moses needs a job, but he has such strong faith, it's inspiring to me.
I love living with the Sheffeild's. They are full of knowledge! We go up there when we have questions and they just love to sit down and explain to us. In fact today we went up with a question about the 12 tribes of Israel. We were up there for an hour while he explained it to us. They are incredible people. We learned so much and it made our purpose as missionaries more clear. We are gathering the "elect", for the elect hear the Lord's voice. And, as the Sheffeild's pointed out, the majority of the elect right now are from Ephraim and Mannaseh, whose responsibility is to gather. So, we are gathering the gatherers! It's crazy. The gatherers must first be gathered in order to gather in the rest! And then, when the other 10 tribes are gathered together they will bring family history, which is why we need temples, and as the Old Testament says, all the families of the earth will be blessed. Oh, it's an incredible circle and it all makes sense. At least, it does in my head, this email is short, and probably says very little about what I'm learning.
We have spent so much time teaching and with 3 baptisms in the next 2 weeks, we will have to go to finding. We will eventually spend a lot of time finding. Thankfully the weather is slowly warming up. It's supposed to be in the 50's this week!! However, it warms up a bit, then gets cold, then warms up again, and then gets cold. But, in time it will be hot and humid! I'm excited to get to ride my bike. My body needs more exercise, it feels gross. I wish I had more control over the food going in my stomach! If I come back with 30 more pounds on my body, I think I will cry! I refuse to get fat.
What else is going on...? Wow, there isn't much to say. I am still really struggling with contacting. My mind blanks at the door. I can introduce and ask questions, but I have a hard time going from their response of "I have a church", or "I'm a Christian" etc. and teaching them why they  need the gospel in their life. Especially Catholics. Because Catholics believe they have the Priesthood, they believe that they will be with their families forever. So, in their eyes, what do we have to offer? Speaking of Catholics, Miranda will you ask Taryn if she's gotten my letters? Also, last I heard, as of Thursday Elder Waite had not received any letters.
I got to see my MTC district on Thursday. People from SLC were here to talk about the pilot programs and how we can help it improve. They are solidifying it and it will go into full affect shortly. It was awesome seeing my elders and Sister Xidis. It was fun to hear of their experiences and see how much they had grown in just 3 weeks. It's really awesome being here in Minnesota. Despite freezing and all that, it's really quite incredible.
Oh, so I want more color. I feel soooo dull. So, we might go to a thrift store and see what we can find. But, also, if you happen to be shopping and see a cute shirt, or cardigan or anything with color, and it's on sale or cheap, I wouldn't mind receiving that! I'm fine with my skirts, what I really want are shirts. I'm gonna have to get some summer appropriate shirts here soon. I have quite a few sweaters, and I'm pretty sure that those aren't gonna fly in the summer.
Dad--best of luck with work. It reminds me of the hours you worked at ACI. You are such a good worker, they are lucky to have you :)
Miranda--a Daaate? How was that? Haha, my little sister is growing up!
Best of luck with all the sports and activities, it sounds like fun!
Oh, you should make mormon.org profiles!
Mom--good luck with the bathroom project. We were at a families house for lunch yesterday and I just loved the way she did her living room. it made me think of you and all your house projects! It's fun seeing families from an outside perspective. I'm learning so much, I wish I had words to express! It's funny because the more I understand the more I realize that I don't understand. There is a never ending process of learning. :D
I love you all. I hope all is well. Things here are hard, but awesome. :)  I get to witness a sealing next Saturday (26th) that will be really cool.
Oh, dad, I know it's not until Saturday, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! If I don't say it now, you'll get it late. What are you doing? How old are you gonna be? The more I'm around people, the more I realize how young my parents are! My comps dad is the age of my grandparents. haha, so, just remember you are both young :)

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