Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Hey family!
It's been another busy week. Sunday was rather disappointing. We were expecting 5 investigators and only 1 came. Which, is still great! Jeremy is preparing for baptism and has set a date for the end of next month. Moses' wife went out of town, last minute and we don't know when she will be back. Sis. Hopper's daughter started having contractions, so she went to be with her daughter. Cynthia and Mike...they just slept in. It just helped me realize that these people MUST commit to the Lord, not to us. When they commit to the Lord, then they will act on those commitments.
I got the Easter package, thanks so much! The shirts will work, but in the future size small would fit better for fabrics that don't shrink at all or very much. I was excited to get it and the facewash came just in time! We are going to Bishop Seilbach's for Easter dinner, he is a very humble, kind, serving and successful man. He has his own business, and he is a pilot and has a plane...yeah, he is well off, but so humble about it. Always serving.
We are on the 3rd week of the transfer. We had interviews with Pres. Howell. He told Sis. Sorensen that she wasn't going anywhere for awhile, but of course the Lord could tell him otherwise. I'm pretty certain that I'll be transferred this next transfer, but who can be certain? If not this transfer than definately the following transfer. I will probably go get Singulair because I am taking my inhaler 3-5 times a day, even without exercise. We have pulled out the bikes a couple times. When I was in Dinky Town we probably rode them 6-7 miles, plus walked all over campus. We had a couple BEAUTIFUL days. Then, on the 15th we woke up to a white backyard. It melted by noon, but we are supposed to have another winter storm this week. Will it ever end? Sister Sorensen should have a white birthday, since her birthday is Wednesday. She wants to contact 100 people on her birthday, we will see what happens.
Well, that's the happenings of the week. I still haven't found my camera cord, I will have to buy one, because the battery is finally dead. I'll be going on exchanges again either this week or the next. I'll be back up in Dinky Town. It is certainly interesting to serve in a singles ward and on a college campus. It is so different.
We have a mission goal to get 60 baptisms in June. We almost reached 50 in January and as a going home present for the Howells we want 60. Elder Hinckley came to the mission last year and told them they could double baptisms. It was around 30 at that point. So, we are all fasting and praying and trying to expand our teaching pool so that we can reach that goal. It would be really cool to set a new standard of 60 baptisms a month. They want us to contact an average of 25/week this week. If the whole mission contacts that average, together we will have talked to 16,000 people in one week. So that's this weeks goal.
I attatched some pictures. I'm using sis. Sorensen's camera. There is one with DJ, he has down syndrome and just had a 2nd surgery on his arm. He broke it really bad before I came out here. He is just the cutest little boy. One is a picture of me for the plaque, finally. And the other is a view of our backyard in the middle of April. Haha. We are blessed to live in paradise! :)
I sent the taxes last week, so I hope everything goes ok with taxes and for the Clarks. I'm glad everything is going well. I've got to write President and respond to some other emails. I love you all! have a great week!
Sister Randall

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