Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Hey family!! It was awesome talking to you! I forgot how funny you all are! I just loved it! I'm glad everyone got their beautiful artwork. I felt like a 2 year old again :)

I'm glad my voice conveyed that I love what I am doing! Because I do! My companion, Sister Stokes is awesome, and I'm glad I can be with her before she goes home in 6 1/2 weeks! I'm gonna miss her (and I've only known her for like 2 weeks!) As for taking lessons from me...it has taken me years to get to where I am. It is a long process, but it is SO worth it. Ask Shae for the advice I gave her on becoming more positive. I had lots to say on the subject.

Tell Koltn congrats. It's weird, my current district leader reminds me so much of Koltn (in a good way) and he is way mature for his age (19). He is an awesome kid. Anyway, thanks for telling me about Josh and Deanne. I hope it goes well and I am excited to hear the outcome and see the pictures! If you talk to them, tell them I send my love to them, Sarah and her family!

It was nice talking to Beki yesterday as well. Sadly, Wesley was asleep. She woke him up but he was a tad bit grouchy and would only say "I don't want to talk!" haha. He is the cutest. He is now READING, WRITING, TALKING (more), and playing SOCCER! How cute. He is a genius boy.

Well, today is busy. Preparing for transfers. We have to get everything out of the apartment since no missionaries are moving into our apartment for awhile. We pack the car and drive to Northfield on Wednesday. It's a singles branch and covers the Burnsville stake. So, tell the Sanderson's I am in the general area! As the single's branch missionaries we cover the whole stake so we will be all over the place. It's awesome. Anyway, I've got to get going to get everything done! I love you all! Thanks for being awesome!!

And sorry for not commenting on the pictures last week!! The pictures I included are of me and sister stokes. One of them is with the nylons on my arms, but you can't tell as well as I had hoped, and we also have a sword randomly in our apartment! Awesome, right? So we took pictures with it! Enjoy! Love you all!

Sister Randall <3

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