Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Suprise!!! 4/25/2011

Well, I don't think I will have enough time to write everything that has happened in the last week. But here is my attempt:
Sister Sorensen did not get her birthday wish of 100 contacts and here is why! I had an interview with president a week and a half ago and ever since I had the feeling that I was gonna end up in Dinky town if not at the end of this transfer then the next one. Well, because of health issues the was an emergency transfer and I am in Dinky Town and Sis. X is in Oakdale. However, she is going home because they can't figure out what is wrong and because she has had promptings that she needs to go home. So sometime in the next couple days she will be going home, and since I'm in a trio, one of the three of us will be going to Oakdale. But, I'm pretty sure it's not me. We should know by tonight. We got the phone call Tuesday night, and I cried. Sis. Sorensen and I were getting along so well, and the work was great! So, Wednesday we met with a couple people, said goodbyes, went to lunch at a member's house who did a surprise "tea party" style lunch for Sis. Sorensen's birthday, it was super cute. Thursday night I came to Dinky Town. Aaand, here I am.

I did get to see Bobbi one last time, and she was doing pretty good, but still refusing to come to church. It was hard to leave our investigators behind! Well, I guess not much really has happened, it's just been a crazy week for me. But it's great!

Send me a picture of the car!! That's crazy! How much was it? Wow, that's intense. :D He's gonna give it to me when I get home, right? ;)
The weather sounds crazy! We haven't had severe weather yet, but we did get snow on Sis. Sorensen's birthday! Today is probably the most beautiful day we have had yet. I would not complained if it stayed this way year round!

Oh I almost forgot!! I saw soo many little miracles happen in the few days before I got transferred! GUESS WHAT I FOUND!! MY CAMERA CORD! Right after lunch on Wednesday I happened to look down and see a cord under the passenger seat of the car, and it was my cord! It was incredible. So yay! My camera works now! I forgot to bring it, but I need to send pictures home. I'm not too worried about getting sent to a small town. Sisters mostly stay in the cities. Dinky Town is the U of M campus, which is in Minneapolis. So, I am in a singles ward, much sooner than I ever planned to be back in one! It's different being around people my age instead of families. I miss the families a bunch.

Here in Dinky Town we have just a couple progressing investigators, but one of my mission goals is to spend at least 2 hrs a day contacting, that way we can build up our teach pool, and keep it constant. Anyway, I don't really know what else to say. Things are just uncertain right now, and until Sister X goes home and one of us gets transferred out, things won't be stable. So yep, that's the mission!

Sounds like things are going great in IL, keep safe! Trust me, I'll be smart with the weather. The last thing I will do is go chase a tornado down! Well, I love you all. Sorry this is scattered. I hope you had a great Easter. We had 2 dinners, I was sooo full! I'm gonna get fat :S But no worries, we are almost out of miles so we will be biking like 12 miles tonight, and will probably bike a lot more now. Anyway, there I go again! Things are going great! :D

Sister Randall

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