Tuesday, May 24, 2011

week 8

What a crazy hectic week! I didn't hear from you, so I hope all is well. Dad, did you have a good birthday? What did you do? How's work?
The week here started out normal. Thursday was by far the most hectic, crazy, stressful day I've had yet. I didn't ever think about how Satan would work hard to discourage us the week of a baptism, let alone 2 baptisms. Crazy. So Thursday was just insane. Friday was Brother Andersons Baptism!!! We taught the Restoration while they were changing (and got 2 new potential investigators from that baptism!). I tried to quote the 1st vision and the words wouldn't come out. Sis. Sorensen saved me. I was so frustrated with myself and so stressed out that I started to cry after we were done. Just silently. I was soooo sick of not being able to speak. I've never really had that problem before. I know the gospel, I know these things, why won't they come out of my mouth!!!??? Then, a man in our ward came up after and gave us a "compliment" on being able to work so well as a companionship that with just a look at each other, the other one can pick up in the middle of the sentence. I didn't have nice feelings toward him that night. But, all is well, we all say things we shouldn't sometimes.
Just some info on Bro. Anderson: he is a Veteran, a recovered drug addict and alcoholic, has incredible faith (went from atheist to complete and total recoginition of a God). His wife and him are separated but now that he has turned his life around they are dating again. That's her in the pictures, the black woman. She is super sweet and she was impressed by the baptism and wants to know more (one of our potentials!). Our other potential is a guy named Jeremy who gives a woman in our ward rides to church and when she asked him for a ride to "Red" Anderson's baptism he was like...I knew a Red Anderson once... So he came, and it had been him! He told the woman he brought that his heart had been pricked and he wanted to know more! It was awesome
The next day was Katies baptism, it went really well. Her husband isn't big on organized religion, but is allowing her to join and take the kids. I think in time he will come around. He really enjoyed the baptism and was miraculously in a good mood for it! It was great. He's a good guy as well.
Sunday, was a pretty good day. We went to East St. Paul to contact a referral, but couldn't find him. So, we contacted on the streets. Guess what!!! I TAUGHT!! Sis. Sorensen hardly said a word! I DID IT! I had prayed so hard Friday night. I was feeling so discouraged. I wanted to be able to teach!!! And I did!!!! I still need to practice more, but I finally did it!!! :D So, it's been a great weekend.
Moses, well it's been a tough call. His baptism date was the 26th, but we still have a lot to teach him, and we don't want to rush it. We can't do it the next weekend because of general conference. They are supposed to be baptized and as close to the next Sacrament meeting as possible. So it will be April 9th. I don't think he is gonna like that. But, if he's serious and knows it is true, he'll do it. We haven't met his wife, and are a little confused with that situation. He first called her his girlfriend, then later told us they were legally married in Ramsey County. But, from our understanding she's not here legally? So can someone who is not legal, be legally married in the states? So we have to find more information out. It will all work out well though. He has committed and is living his committments. He wants to pay tithing, he is reading and praying and coming to church (without reminders), and is telling other people about it. What more can we ask for? He's great.
We find out about transfers next Monday. I guess there isn't a for sure on 2 transfers. My trainer and an Elder training in Cottage grove both have the transfer jitters. So, I guess we'll find out!
The pictures..could you save them in a folder on the computer for me? I need to buy a thumbdrive to save pictures on. Oh, and I forgot to take a picture of me...so will next week work? Or maybe at Sis. Cooper's I'll have her email you a picture of me? We are going over for lunch. She's super awesome. She's a breast cancer survivor. Anyway, I hope all is well. I love you and keep you in my prayers! :D
Love, Sister Randall 
(only 2 pictures are staying loaded...sooo I guess that's all I'm sending. So it's Bro. Anderson and Katie)

I still need to figure out how to get the pictures on here, sorry - Paula

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