Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Hey Family!
I hope you weren't too upset not to get an email on Monday. We had a super busy, super incredible weekend. So, today is p-day this week. Conference was amazing, I've never enjoyed conference as much as I did this time. The Spirit was so strong and they talked about so many things that could help our investigators. We are so blessed to have a prophet on the Earth today.  So, Monday we went to ZLC (Zone Leader Conference). It was a great ending to a great weekend. That meeting was so spiritual and so full of love. I know that many missionaries received revelation during that meeting, I know Sis. Sorensen and I did. I also was chastised/humbled by the Lord, through the Spirit. I've been frustrated with some situations and I came to realize that instead of being frustrated I need to be finding things that I can do to make the situation more helpful. After that meeting my attitude was sufficiently adjusted and I am happier than I ever remember being.
I really felt like conference had a lot of talks based on Charity. Something that I am always trying to improve on. I've been impressed to find that you can love people that you just meet. When we are at someone's door, or talking to someone on the street, I sometimes realize how much I love them and how much I wish they could have the gospel.
Moses is getting baptized on Saturday! I'm so excited!! It's been an incredible experience. He is still searching for a job, so maybe pray for him? His wife is also super sweet, and we hope that we can teach her too. She's coming to the baptism and church the next day.
We are teaching a new couple, they have 3 kids, I think. They came to Saturday morning session of conference and Jean A Stevens talk really hit Mike. We thought we saw him crying, and last night he told us that it really touched him. He's open and is going to start reading the Book of Mormon and praying to know if it is true.
We met James and Anthony a couple weeks ago. We were tracting and spent 45 minutes on their doorstep. They are high schoolers, and very into religion. They go to a Christian school. Sunday between sessions of conference they called us and told us that they had been talking about our conversation and wanted to meet up and talk more. So, we taught them yesterday. We talked a lot about the bible and authority, and we kept telling them not to take our word for it. We told them that the only way they could know if it is true is to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. After making reference to the Book of Mormon several times, Anthony said, so if it keeps coming back to the Book of Mormon, why don't we talk about the Book of Mormon? So, we did. James said he was going to read the Book of Mormon, because if it's true, than Mormonism is true. He gets it. So, he is beginning to study. Anthony's dad has met with missionaries before and had 2 Book of Mormons laying around. One is an 1830 edition! It's OLD. Inside one of them he has stapled a piece of paper with a list of places that he thought the BoM and bible contradict. I hope they read it prayerfully not looking for reasons that it's wrong. Because, just like Moroni said, you have to read and pray with real intent. They are cool boys.
Well, the Lord is blessing us here in Oakdale. We work hard and stay busy. We are going to get our bikes out soon and ride them. We just have to do in on a day where we aren't going from East St. Paul to Woodbury and back. I'm excited to get the bikes out. The weather is beautiful right now. It's supposed to get up in between 60 and 65 this week!! Beautiful! :D
Hmm, I think that covers our week. So, I know I keep promising a picture for the plaque...and I would have, but I lost my camera cord :S I'm looking for it. But, I haven't found it yet. I need it!! It charges my battery as well as connects to the computer. And, my camera doesn't run on AA batteries. So, if I can't find it, I will have to have to go to an electronic store and try to replace it. :( I'm sure it will turn up though.
Candy..I love peanut butter chocolate anything :) Just a reminder I need facewash. And, if you do go shopping, short sleeve shirts that don't need undershirts will be good. It's warming up and once it's hot, I'm not going to want tons of clothes on. I was looking at my clothes and I have 4 short sleeve shirts, but all of them need undershirts. I'm still good with what I have for now, but once it gets hot... I will need probably 7-9 shirts that will be comfortable in hot humid weather.
Question about the taxes. Are those last 3 pages just things for me to keep? One is a reprint of one of the sheets, and the others, I assume are for me to keep. I think I only have one book of checks. I'm trying to think of where my box of checks would be. It's either in my cedar chest, or in one of the boxes that I packed my stuff in. I wish I would of thought of that before. Oh, and who is Jen Armstrong? Should I know who that is? :S
I love you all! I'm glad things are going well. Is work going well? Haha, dad, in between sessions Saturday I did something, and then later said something, that made me realize that I am truly your daughter. I couldn't help but laugh. It's funny because when I picture your face, I picture you laughing, your true "that was funny" laugh. It always makes me smile. That picture came to mind during the Sacrament Song one Sunday...not funny. haha, but I couldn't help but giggle a bit. I love you! :D Good luck with sports, work, church, school etc.!
Sister Randall

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